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Coptic Tour


The Coptic Orthodox Church is the Christian church that was founded in Egypt.

The Copts as the successors of the ancient Egyptians are defined as the modern sons of the Pharaohs

Image by Eszter Kisgyura

Guided Tour 

When you hear the announcement head to the main church to enjoy a very informative guided tour of the Coptic Orthodox church. A new tour starts every 2 hours during the working hours of King Tut Festival.​


Nofri ( in Coptic) = Hello 

Think of Egypt and the first thing that comes to mind is not Christianity. But Egypt is home to the Copts, one of the world’s oldest Christian communities, with roots dating back to the time of Christ himself.


When you join our Coptic tour you will have a unique chance to  know the fascinating figures of our history and see and touch some of the artifacts of the Coptic church. 

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